Is your girlfriend’s birthday around the corner, and you are wondering what kind of gift to get for her? Well, you are not alone.

Whenever you think of getting a lady gift, the problem is not money. It is more about getting something she will appreciate. The gift should be able to communicate how much you care and cherish her.

Some men wrongly believe that getting an expensive gift is the only way to win a lady’s heart; meanwhile, all you might need to pull the trick is a handmade gift that she has been dreaming of getting.

Your knowledge about a woman’s needs, and particularly the need of your beautiful Queen, is all you need to please and put a beautiful smile on her face.

Here are some handmade birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend:

Leather bags and shoes

There are beautiful handmade bags and shoes that you can make or get someone to help you make with little or no cost. You can even spice them up by customizing your signature or hers on them.

Ankara bags

This is a gift that your girlfriend will cherish and use for a long time. It will also indicate your long-term commitment to the relationship.

Aside from this, it helps showcase your Africanity. You can only hate it if you are not proud of your heritage (#lol).

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Beautiful Crochets

This is a thoughtful gift that your girlfriend will always make use of on a sunny day. It is inexpensive and can be customized for your girlfriend. You can get it with straw hats. They are great for beach outings too.

SHOP: Mix Halter Top from ABEE CROCHET from N4,000

Handmade Beads

You can string beads together or make an order. Beads and necklaces are all-time presents that ladies love. Your girlfriend will always appreciate this too.

SHOP: Royalty Gem Bracelets Set from ZAWAK BEADS from N7,000.

Handmade Necklaces

If your girlfriend loves jewellery, help them improve their collections with handmade necklaces. They are unique and elegant.

Your unconditional love is the best birthday gift for your girlfriend and any of the gift above is perfect for communicating just that.

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