You cannot just visit an online store to shop and always expect that all transactions would go smooth.

Lots of factors are meant to be considered before shopping for goods and services online. Lots of people (both buyers and sellers) get scammed because they ignore these factors.

Either the buyers paid, and their expected goods are not being delivered or the sellers sell an expectation of their money which they do not get in the long run i.e. getting inferior quality product compared to the one advertised.

These issues of scams have led to some people not buying things online any longer. However, it is a good that you are reading this article today.

Follow through as we explain the things you need to consider before shopping online.

  • Confirm the Website’s Identity and Authenticity
    There are lots of online shops and stores that are being created daily. Amongst all these, there are some that were created with the mindset of robbing people of their sweat-earned money.
    As a potential customer, you must first consider and confirm the site identity and ensure that they are what they said they are before going on to make payment for transactions.
  • Check Customer Reviews and Testimonials
    Customer reviews are one of the most important indication of how genuine a particular company or online store is.
    It helps to know what other customers have experienced with that online store and how well the complaints have been responded to by the staff.
    Once you notice that there have been lots of complaints made by the prior users of the online store, then you know that the best option for you is to withdraw from making transactions with the store.
  • Verify the Security of the Payment Methods
    Now that you have been convinced about shopping on that online store, there is a need to know which payment method is best applicable to you.
    You cannot just say that you want to choose any payment method which is not secured and favourable to you, hence the need to carefully analyze the best option for you. Also, do not forget the receipt is the best proof of any purchase.
    Demand for one for future reference. For platforms using payment gateways, make sure the third-party company processing the payment is reputable and that your details are secured with them.
  • Delivery
    Finally, since you are making transactions with an online store, your goods will get delivered to you either at your doorstep or at a particular geographic location.
    So, you need to make sure that you input a correct address in the case of doorstep delivery and a very convenient area of pick-up for station delivery.
  • Refunds and Return Policy
    For most stores, there is always an enactment of refund and return policies, especially online stores operating on social media like Instagram.
    This is a red flag. You have the right as a customer to return any good that was not delivered in a satisfactory condition immediately.
    Only shop with platforms that offer buyers protection and return policy.
    Try to ensure that you check the item immediately on delivery.
    Also, if your goods are not delivered within the agreed period for delivery, you have the right to request refunds.

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