Jeugmark is an online marketplace for creative and honest youths. It is a place where you can showcase your entrepreneurial skills.

The handmade and vintage items online shopping store is where you can sell handmade products and vintage collections.

With Jeugmark, you have access to buyers who are looking for the touch and feel associated with handmade products and vintage collections.

Ready to become a seller on Jeugmark, follow the steps below to showcase your goods:

How to become Jeugmark seller

  1. On the Homepage of Jeugmark, click on the Avatar icon. Next, select Vendor.
    Jeugmark Homepage
    Jeugmark Mobile Homepage
  2. Scroll to select Register
    Jeugmark Register
    Jeugmark Mobile Register
  3. Fill in your details.
  4. Next, read and tick I agree to Terms & Policy.
  5. After this, select Register Me.
  6. Wait for some time, our Admin will verify your details and approve/reject your application depending on the authenticity of the information provided.
  7. If you are having any issues with signing up or account approval Contact Us.

How to sell on Jeugmark

  • Login to your account with your details
  • Upload nice pictures and correct information about the product you’re selling. Your honest representation of the product is required here because the system will only credit your account after your buyer confirms satisfaction with the goods delivered.
  • Respond to sales requests timely and indicate the number of days that it will take for dispatch and delivery.
  • Dispatch products through our courier service or personally.
  • You get paid within 48 hours after delivery confirmation by the buyer.

Important Notice

  • On Jeugmark, our watchword is HONESTY, and we associate ourselves with her honest sellers and buyers at the same time. The seller’s identity is of great importance; verify your identity as a seller through your National ID, Voters ID, International passport, Driver’s license or student ID.
  • The seller’s bank account details are also taken at registration to facilitate payment for goods after delivery through our automated payment system.
  • N50 is charged on each withdrawal transaction as an administrative cost.

On Jeugmark, your interest as a seller is protected as well as that of the buyer. With Jeugmark, you are sure to receive your payment upon delivery because the system is designed to support you all the way.

Our customer care service is open to respond to all your queries always.

Welcome to Jeugmark, a marketplace for the Youthful!

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