We understand you have to get paid after sales on Jeugmark and that is why we have decided to make it easier for all our vendors.

Note, you must first confirm order delivery before buyers can confirm receipt [Read How to Confirm Order on Jeugmark for Buyers and Vendors].

Once the buyer confirms the order receipt, the equivalent value of the item would be immediately remitted to your balance for withdrawal [this is inclusive of the 5% commission].

For withdrawal, a commission of 5% for the use of our platform will be deducted and N50 (fixed) for bank charges and processing fees.

All withdrawals are processed within 48 hours after the request. For any issue or complaint, you may reach out to us via any of our communication channels and contacts.

On desktop (Laptop)

  1. Login to your Vendor account.
    Jeugmark Vendor Login
  2. Click the avatar in the top right corner of your dashboard. Next select Withdrawals.
  1. Your balance and option to Request Withdrawal will be displayed.

On Mobile (Smartphone)

  1. Login to your Vendor account.
  1. Click the avatar in the top right corner of your Vendor dashboard.
  2. Next select Withdrawals.

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