How To Register Vendor Account and Post Items On Jeugmark

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Being a vendor on Jeugmark is so much easier than you think. With these easy step-by-step processes, you can advertise your handmade items or products for sale. In no time, you can start receiving orders from your buyers and delivering to them wherever their locations. Before we proceed with the processes, it is important to note that:

  • Jeugmark only allows the sale of handicraft and vintage items
  • Items are expected to be as described to avoid being banned
  • You may submit non-handcrafted items for review but must be able to prove you have added some hand-created innovation. Take, for instance, you deal in imported sneakers. To sell on Jeugmark, you may decide to get creative and inditing in the packaging such that it is unique and different from the typical product
  • To sign up, sellers may be required to provide means of identification. This is to ensure the authenticity of our sellers.

To register as a Vendor, here are the simple steps involved:

1. Sign up

Before signing up as a vendor on Jeugmark, get your means of identification like your National ID or Voter’s card ready, this is to ensure your authenticity as a vendor. You can then proceed to signing up.

2. Advertise your products

What product of yours do you want to gain views and invariably customers? Remember, Jeugmark is interested in handcrafted and vintage items.

However, as stated earlier, you can submit non-handcrafted items for review but before it will be approved, there should be a proof that you have added some hand-created innovation to it.

3. Add Description, Pricing, and Sizes

Once you sign up, advertise your product, add a short product description, price, available colors (if applicable) and available sizes (if applicable); and start receiving orders.

Your listed items will become LIVE once they have been reviewed and approved by the team.

It is also worthy to note that, Jeugmark charges N50 only to list an item of yours and this payment will be valid for 6 months. This is irrespective of how much sales you make during this duration. The listing price is a one-time payment until the 6-month expiry when you may decide to renew.

4. Package and Deliver

Be known for delivering quality items, and on time. As you get your orders, creatively package and deliver using Jeugmark’s available shipping methods. You may also use your own dispatch method.

5. Get paid and cash out

Once the purchased item sent is successfully delivered to your buyer and the buyer testifies to optimum satisfaction upon receiving the item, as the vendor, your account is credited immediately and you get your payment within 48 hours when your request for a withdrawal is made. Jeugmark charges you a commission fee of 4.5% charged on sold items.

What are you waiting for, start selling now. Reach out to us in case of any further enquiries.

Here are some items on sales by sellers like you:

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