Handmade Anniversary Gifts For Nigerian Couples

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Are you thinking of getting something spectacular for that favourite couple of yours on their anniversary celebration? Why don’t you consider getting them a beautiful handmade gift? It is unique in every sense of it and these gifts come with elegance.

Below are some ideas for you:

1. Portrait painting of the couple

Portraits are the world’s most unique and personalised form of art. No doubt about it, couples love to hang their lovy-lovy pictures on the walls of their home.

So why not have the artwork itself be customized just for them? Personalised art is a thoughtful gift for couples celebrating their anniversaries. It’s a piece that the couple will surely treasure for years to come.

2. Couple embroidery brooch

A great handmade matching anniversary gift you can get for a couple is an embroidery brooch for both of them. Brooches come in different sizes and designs, they are decorative jewelry made to be attached to garments. You can consider getting that favorite couple of yours a set of embroidery brooch. They would love it!

3. Wedding anniversary cards

Congratulate that couple on their big day with handmade love-filled cards. Personalized anniversary cards are jam-packed with all the feels. Make them feel loved, laugh, smile, giggle and cry happy tears with that cute card. You could also add a personal touch to it by adding their picture, filling it with sweet love quotes, or even customising the text with their names written in it.

4. Crafted clay pottery kit

Ever thought of gifting a couple clay pottery kit with some beautiful flowers in it. So lovely right? Flowers make the perfect gifts! Gift it in its very own clay pottery kit and it will be sure to make the couple smile. It is an ideal romantic birthday gifts for husband and wife celebrating the day they both said “I do”.

5. Couple’s bracelet

There is this feeling of connection that a couple’s bracelet brings to the hearts of the couple. You could get them a bracelet of their favourite colours and even have their names woven on it. They would definitely love it.

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