With about 36 per cent internet penetration rate in Nigeria, Black Friday and online shopping has become terms no more alien to a typical Nigerian. 

However, many internet users in the nation are still sceptical of the authenticity of the products they could get online; thus the popular phrase “What I Ordered Vs What I Got”.

This phrase is used by people whose trust has been thrust into distrust by the disappointment and dishonesty of some online sellers. 

However, with this level of distrust, online shopping has continued to thrive in Nigeria. Not without the Deja Vu and caution. 

In a poll conducted on Twitter, 33.6 per cent of the 301 internet users who responded stated they only shop online if the price of the product listed is cheaper compared to the one available in their area.

Also, 30.2 per cent of the respondents claimed that they only shop online if the platform offers Black Friday deals. 

The remaining respondents stated Variety and scarcity ― 19.9% and 16.3%, respectively.

Jeugmark is an online eCommerce platform specialised in the sales of handicrafts (such as handmade Nigerian bags; shoes; greeting cards; birthday gifts and vintage products.

We are a Youth Market dedicated to showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of millennials and future generations.

Its product categories include products curated by youths, including students with artisan skills. 

It offers variety and also makes available scarce products, as its sellers are from across Nigeria. 

The platform sellers also list their products at the best market price — prices that can compete Black Friday sales.

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