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Gift for Graduands in Nigeria | Jeugmark

Graduating from a Nigerian High School (Junior and/or Secondary) or from a tertiary institution is not an easy task. In fact, it is one of the major points that define what the life of a young man or woman will become which is because it is at this stage that most young minds make critical decisions.

Most times, it is good to appreciate new graduands especially when they come out with very good grades. Giving them gifts serve as a means of giving them kudos for the good work they have put in place to be qualified for the graduation.

There are sure lots of gifts that you can give to new graduands but in this article, we will show you through the best handmade gifts that you can give to new graduands.

Classic and Elegant Backpack

The graduand may probably have been using the same bag since he entered the university up till the day of his graduation.

Giving him or her an elegant backpack at this stage would not be a bad idea.

Royalty Gem Bracelets Set

Remember that someone who has spend a considerable number of years in the high school or university needs to be applauded. So, the royalty gem bracelets set can be a very good option for both male and female graduands.

It makes them feel a sense of royalty. Do you know what? The bracelets set can be customized just for the graduand and comes in a lovely jewelry box.

Diamond Bow Tie

Even though the young man has just graduated, he needs to be properly orientated about the outside corporate world.

Even though he may have had lots of bow tie in the past but giving him a bow tie packed alongside some other packages such as pocket piece, cufflinks and lapel is an official welcome for him into the corporate world.

Classy Handmade Mini Bag

This classy handmade mini bag is Comfy, Fashionable and of very good quality. It is carefully designed for incredible trips.

Giving such as gift to a graduand is a very good idea to give to graduands.

Graduands need to be well celebrated because it is not easy to pass through lots of tests, examinations and experiences and still be qualified to be a graduate.

Here are some other gifts ideas for a Nigeria graduand:

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